Continued Planting in the Vegetable Garden (May 14, 2013)

The first week of May brought some warm weather which then turned into rain and very cold weather. Two days ago it was 40 degrees outside (covered the young plants at night over the weekend) and then today it got up to 90. It’s been difficult to predict the weather this month.

Cherry Tomatoes and Ground Cherries are the focus of this new unfenced garden area.

Cherry Tomatoes and Ground Cherries are the focus of this new unfenced garden area.

On May 4th, I weeded a small pie-shaped area by the patio which I am going to refer to as the Nightshade Garden. I planted two varieties of cherry tomatoes there (Sun Gold and Sweetie), three ground cherry plants, and three marigolds. Those plants were purchased as seedlings from the Westside Farmer’s Market. A couple days later, I planted some sunflower seeds there as well (free packet from Metcalfe’s). This garden area is not fenced, but I’m hoping that the rabbits leave it alone. I pulled off the marigold flowers that were on the seedlings to encourage the plants to grow more roots and new branches where it can have more flowers later.

Two weeks ago I had planted cover crops in the Vegetable Garden. The idea was that they would help cover the ground while I didn’t yet have other vegetables planted. It has been working well so far. The cover crops came up on May 9th after a few days of rain. Since then, whenever I want to add seeds or seedlings, I consider if there are patches of soil where the cover crop is sparse and then use that ground, or I just pull a few of the cover crop sprouts to make room.

Vegetable Garden - 20130514Additions to the vegetable garden:
* chives (planted 5/11, plants pulled up by Madelon from the FPL People’s Garden)
* thyme (planted seedlings 5/14, from seeds planted at my son’s gardening party)
* cilantro (planted SSE seeds 5/14)
* broccoli (four seedlings planted 5/6, from Westside Farmer’s Market)
* peas (planted seeds 5/14, Tom Thumb variety from SSE)
* zucchini (planted seeds 5/14, Black Beuty variety from Botanical Interests)
* pepper (planted 5/12, seedling from the Fitchburg Fields Garden Fair plant sale)
* marigolds (planted seedlings 5/6, from Westside Farmer’s Market)
* mystery flower (seedlings from seeds planted at my daughter’s gardening party)

The nasturtium that I planted along with the cover crop doesn’t look like it has come up yet. I’m a little concerned by the color of some of the leaves: the marigolds are too purple and the buckwheat is pale (yellow’ish). There may be a nutrient deficiency, but I haven’t done any soil testing so far. I’ve done a little watering, trying to give the seeds or seedlings a good soak about every 3 days.


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