Getting Started

One of the apple trees in my backyard

One of the apple trees in my backyard

Welcome to Simple Soil!

In this blog, I hope to detail my urban permaculture experiences, particularly challenges and attempts at solutions for such goals as improving soil, growing food, handling water, maximizing yard space, and minimizing yard maintenance.

I first learned about Urban Permaculture last fall through a class offered by First Step Renew called Permaculture 101. During the hour-long course, I was amazed that such a concept had a name! On the Power Point slides, many of my passions and goals were neatly organized into a powerful system, and the room was filled with other people just as interested as I was. How exciting to find out that I wasn’t the only one reading organic gardening books, debating the point of lawns, and drooling over the miracle of compost! I went home that evening excited to become better acquainted with permaculture principles. 

I had purchased a house a few months prior to learning about permaculture and already had some goals in mind: creating a garden, making compost, collecting rain water, and maybe having a couple chickens one day. But now, I have some new dreams, such as planting berry bushes and other edible perennials, making use of the shade throughout the yard, and becoming involved with other Permies in the Madison area. Through continued study, experimenting, and networking, I plan to turn my property from a typical city lot filled with grass into a prosperous and healthy ecosystem that benefits our family and the world.

Thank you for checking out my blog and I will welcome any comments or suggestions along the way!

The original backyard of my permaculture "lab"

The original backyard of my permaculture “lab”


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